Monday, March 7, 2016

Day 67- A Smile is Contagious

So today I had to run to the grocery store and as I was walking out, there was a man walking in with the BIGGEST smile on his face. Like, Black Hole Sun big. He was all alone and he wasn't talking on the phone or anything. He was just smiling at something happening in his very own head. And don't get me wrong... this wasn't a crazy person smile. He was just genuinely happy about something.
This smile was so big and beautiful that for a second I pondered asking him what he was smiling about so I could be in on his happiness. Did he win the lottery? He was in scrubs, did he just save someones life? Did he just get proposed to? Did he just find out he is going to be a dad? Did he just eat an amazing sandwich?? Did he find a triple decker girl scout cookie??? I really wanted to know!
But then I realized that his smile was his business and I should let him keep it. But I have to say, that darn smile was contagious. I smiled on my whole drive home.

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  1. Your blog made me smile....mission accomplished!


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