Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Day 61- Keep Your Scene Drama

I travel a lot. I work in a lot of different countries, in a lot of different cities, with a lot of different girls. Listen, I am not naive to think that every girl is all sunshine and rainbows all of the time. And I know that within scenes of girls, there is always going to be some sort of turmoil. We have periods. It's unavoidable.
But here is the thing... I DONT CARE. My least favorite thing ever is hearing about local drama. Who hates who. Who screwed over who. Who stole who's ideas. Who is "stalking" you. I hate hearing it. All of it. I hate getting emails from girls before I hit a city, telling me all about how bad the local drama is. I hate when I get to a city, and the girls I am working with/on vent endlessly about the local drama. I REALLY DONT CARE. Like, seriously. Nothing you say is going to make me dislike the random people you are talking about. Nothing you say is going to get me on your side. Everything you say is most likely going to turn me off and force me to tune you out.
Let's talk about real life. Let's talk about you. Tell me what you do. Tell me what you like to do. Tell me about your husband/wife. Tell me anything but gossip. Hell, let's just talk about the weather.
If I am ever pulled into any scene drama, I will most likely just skip that city altogether. I really can't stress enough how much I REALLY REALLY DONT CARE. 
None of this stuff is my business. And it is really unfair when girls are trashing other girls who are my followers and like what I do. You are not making that other person look bad, you are making yourself look bad. And it also bums me out when I have potential hosts tell me that they would love to host my class but girl A, B and C can't come because they have some ridiculous beef. If you want to host my class or shoots, please know that everything I do is ALL inclusive. This means that if you want to exclude anyone, I will be happy to look elsewhere for another host.
I really can't stress all of this enough. I like my life to be as minimally stressful as humanly possible. And feuding broads seriously stress me out. 
Do something more productive with your life. Read a book or something.


  1. YES!!! So agree with this, Cherry! <3

  2. Really?? I guess I'm just not part of any "scene" to even deal with this kind of nonsense. Seriously tho, people do that?? I am baffled. Truly. Even if I was gushing about someone I knew, why the hell would you care?? You don't know who I'm talking about.

  3. Very, very well stated and that's fantastic that you don't put up with nonsense like that!

  4. I'm sunshine and rainbows most of the time ;)
    But I couldn't agree more. Life's to short for shenanigans like that. Love you! 😘

  5. I bloomin love you Cherry! Your outlook on stuff like this is so refreshing, You give the vibe that if beginners like me met you, you would be just as lovely as if you were meeting someone with just as much experience as you.

    1. I treat every girl like the hot babe she is-- regardless of WHO she is! :)


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