Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Day 40- Under A Mountain of Work

This is my face today. I have about 8 million things to measure, describe, inspect, photograph and list for ebay and etsy before I leave for my spring tour in 38 days. I am so tired and sitting on my couch typing this is tempting me to just slump to the right and take a nap. Just to rest my eyes for a minute. But no, I have to work today. So today my blog is not introspective, or sentimental, or even funny really. It just is.
But at least it is 80 degrees and smells like summer. Carry on.


  1. Here in Brazil is 91,4 F!!! HELP I NEED TO GO BACK TO L.A.!!!

  2. At least it's more like summer where you are, Cherry. In Germany it's stormy, rainy and only 38 degrees! I hate winter! I'm so tired all the time and want it so badly to be summer again!


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