Friday, January 8, 2016

Day 8- Give Me That Face Spackle!

Today was the first day that I put a full face of makeup on since New Years Eve. It is funny how different I feel when I am "Cherry Dollface". It is easy to say that natural is beautiful and empowering... But darn it I feel pretty when I am wearing makeup! I feel powerful when I get out of my car and look really put together. I know when I see other women getting out of their cars all put together I think "Wow! I wonder what she does! Who she is! Where she is going!" It makes you stop and think. It just does.
I talk a lot about loving yourself and being body positive. And I firmly believe that confidence and happiness comes from within. But some days you just need a pound of face spackle and sky high heels... And that's ok too. I think my point is that no matter how you look-- or want to look-- there is a place for you. We don't all have to be crunchy earth mamas to be considered "real" women.
No lengthy blogs today. Happy Friday!


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  2. Ohmy gosh yes same!:D Today I took my written driving test and I gotta say getting dolled up just to go the DMV felt great lol Although I was confident in knowledge for the test I felt more empowered going in looking good :D And yes, I passed yay!

  3. I 100 percent feel the same, that's why daily I do my hair, and most days even if it's a pj day I put my face on. I always feel better when I do, and rarely if ever go out without.

  4. I love having my full face on! I also like having the choice of no make up face, half make up face and full make up face. But full make up face is my fave!

    1. I imagine half makeup face to literally be no makeup not he right side, and full makeup on the left. Haha.

  5. "There is a place for you"... something I have been thinking about lately and I agree with your thought!
    xxx Mary


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