Friday, January 15, 2016

Day 15- My New Ring

Today I was awoken at 9am by the doorbell. My eyeballs flew open, I tossed the covers off of me, bolted to the door and flung it open to find a terrified Fedex driver holding the box that contained my new ring. That poor man. But I GOT A NEW RING!
This was something I have been thinking about for a while. I loved the ring that Trevor proposed to me with and put on my finger when we said our vows, and it has so much sentimental value... But my heart has always yearned for an antique ring. I know that upgrading is a common thing women do on milestone anniversaries so I presented the idea to Trevor last year and was actually surprised by his initial reaction. Sometimes I forget that he is a man. He was sort of hurt. And it made me feel terrible! He thought that me wanting a new ring meant that the one I had somehow wasn't good enough. Wasn't big enough, or flashy enough. Or that he hadn't picked the right one. I didn't look at it like that at all! I explained to him my reasons for wanting a new (old) ring and he said he understood but still seemed bothered so I told him to forget about it and I forgot about it too. Definitely wasn't a big deal!
A few weeks ago we were laying in bed and he rolled over and told me that he wanted me to buy myself that new ring. That at the end of the day, its going to be on MY finger forever and either way, we are still married. We had a little chat and decided that it was the right decision so I started looking for rings and within a few days I found the one that spoke to my heart.
I was thinking about selling my old ring to help pay for the new one. But when I had it appraised, the idea became too real and so I sealed it up a little plastic bag and tucked it away in my little safe. The sentimental value is worth more than the dollar amount. That is the ring that he put on my finger when we said our vows. It's got its own history even though it isn't an antique.
I like sparkles. I like antiques. This ring is an art deco piece from the 1920s and it makes me happy when I look at it. It is also kind of romantic that this ring has its own hidden history. To me a ring is a symbol. It is a place holder. It is the lights and the curtains and the dancers. It isn't the script. I could have a piece of string tied around my finger and my heart would still feel exactly the same about my beautiful husband. I feel the same way about the marriage license. It's the business side of a marriage. Every morning I wake up to his smiling face with no ring on my finger and nothing changes. Tonight when Trevor gets home, we are going to have our own little secret ring ceremony and say some new vows to swear this pretty little sparkler into our life. We live life by our own rules.


  1. I love this for the simple fact that my husband I talked about the same thing last year when I moved back, he just moved with me haha, to California. We talked about renewing our vows also out here surrounded by my family and have a REAL ceremony and receptions to mark our life in a new place. A ring symbolizes so much more than a piece of jewelry, it symbolizes commitment. Sometimes you have to find that specific symbol that says'this is it, this is me." Good for you for doing and waiting for your husband to be ready to let you do it. I love it by the way, it looks like my Great Grandmothers ring that I got when I was 21 and lost when I was in Texas. It's sparkly, but not so much so that it gaudy, it's the perfect blend of vintage and beauty.

  2. The day after James proposed he told me, "We can always change it up in a few years if ya want". Maybe he said that because he sees me changing up my old tattoos! Haha


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