Monday, January 25, 2016

Day 25- The Things We Do When Our Men (and Women) Are Gone

As you guys know, Trevor and I travel a lot throughout the year. Which means that I am home alone a lot. Trevor was gone this weekend so it made me think of all of the things I do in secret when he is gone. I laugh at myself constantly.
First-- I watch ALL of the bad TV. Like, the worst. Marathons of Real Housewives and Bad Girls Club and any other terrible reality show about bitchy women I can find.
I also don't do the dishes. At all. And sometimes I don't even rinse them when I put them in the sink. Which when Trevor is home, makes him mad enough to kill.
I also leave my dirty underwear in a pile on the bathroom floor. Along with assorted tops, shorts, and gym clothes.
I also pile clothes on the foot of the bed. If I am getting dressed and discarding options, they always go in that pile. I also put clothes that I take off but aren't dirty there too. And they just lay on my feet while I sleep. 
Apart from being a total slob, I also have weird habits.
I am afraid of a dark house alone and we have an old house so it creaks. This means that I have a very precise way of turning the lights off when I go to bed. I turn the furthest lights from our room off first. I keep the hall light on until the very last second so that I do not have to withstand any kind of darkness for any length of time.
I also keep the bed made when I am sleeping. Trevor sleeps like a savage and the sheets are always a mess in the morning. But I sleep like a lady and rarely move at night so I just get out of bed and pull my side of the covers up and voila! The bed is made still!
Oddly enough I still sleep on my side of the bed. I don't know why I do this when I have a full bed to spread out in. I think it is 7 years of routine.
I also don't wear pants. A lot. If I go sans pants when Trevor is home, I will get zero work done because he will be fondling me like a 15 year old boy all day. But when he is gone, all of my bits are free to roam and I can still get my business done.
My favorite thing to do when Trevor is gone is NEVER closing the bathroom door. I am a very private bathroom person. So when he is home and I need to do anything in there, the door closes behind me. But when he is gone, oh man... That door is permanently open and holy moses, it is liberating!
I am sure there are all kinds of other weird little things that I do, but these are the ones I can think of now. 
I miss my husband when he leaves, I really, really do. But man, it is fun to have single lady rituals.


  1. i love this!!! i do the toilet door thing too hehe x

  2. If my husband isn't home, I can't shower with the curtain closed. It gets water on the floor, but I don't care because I am so scared someone will just come out of nowhere and kill me ala Psycho. Haha.

    Tara O.

    1. Hahaha that was seriously the best thing I have read all day!

  3. LoL!! Love this! So glad we're getting to know the real day to day Cherry Dollface :)

  4. Amazing!!!! The bathroom door thing seems pretty normal - I do that too, haha! :D

  5. My husband and I work opposite hours, so when he's not home I get up (make my side of the bed, because I too sleep like a lady lol) and I crank up the music while I get ready in the morning. It's FAB!
    Thanks for sharing a little piece of you everyday! xoxo

  6. This makes me feel so much more normal… it just seems like a waste to shut the bathroom door if you *know* you're the only one home. But that thing about piling clothes I've tried on and chosen not to wear all over my room… I do that 24/7. My partner gets to pile his stuff up in our office ;).

  7. I love the sans-pants comment! 90% of my day is spent swatting away my boyfriend because in our climate here in Australia, it's too hot for pants.

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