Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Day 13- The Gym

The gym. It is a scary place for a woman.
You know what is even scarier? Classes at the gym! All of those mirrors. All of those eyes. All of those pelvic thrusts and leg lifts!
Last year I decided that I was really going to make the gym my (eh hem) bitch. And I tried... I really did. But it was SO boring! I would run on the elliptical for 30-40 minutes and then I would try to work with weights for a while but my mind would wander and I would think of 800 other things I could be doing and I would leave.
Last year I also met my friend Cora. Cora is a beast. She works out more than anyone I know. And she just so happened to work out at my gym. One day she asked if I had ever taken a class there (they offer several different classes a day). I hadn't but I had always been equal parts curious and terrified.
The average gal feels self conscious at the gym. This is based purely on the self consciousness of being a woman. Now cover yourself in tattoos and see how that magnifies. EVERYWHERE you walk, eyes follow you. Lifting heavy weights and making stupid faces? You better believe someone is watching. It was a mixture of these things that made me horrified to even step into the class room alone.
But my pal Cora told me about some good classes and encouraged me to join her. So my first class I walked in and went straight to the far corner and tried not to make eye contact with anyone. Halfway through the class, I forgot anyone else was there and just focused on pushing myself. And every now and then Cora and I would catch eyes in the mirror and laugh at ourselves.
The mirrors are actually a great distraction... I just focus on my form and when I just don't want to make eye contact with anyone, I watch my feet. I also remember that everyone else is in there is self conscious too and no one is trying to make you feel bad. That is your own silly brain.
I would definitely encourage anyone that is a member of a gym to take advantage of the classes-- especially if they are free. Good instructors will push you and help you with your form so you don't injure yourself. You can do anything from kickboxing (my favorite! We call our instructor Future Butt because he yells that at us when it starts to hurt-- and he looks like Jay Z) to aerobics, to boot camp, to spin classes, to yoga... there is something for everyone! Don't be scared!
Here I am almsot a year later and I go to almost 3 classes a week. I don't know any of the instructors or class participants by name-- but I am not afraid to make eye contact and smile. Or yell out counts in class when things get hard. Or clap at the end of a good class.
I will not win any awards for miss gym congeniality this year-- but at least my ass is getting tighter.


  1. Hahaha! I absolutely hate the gym for the same reasons! Tattoos are also a "topic of conversation" for boys at the gym. They believe they have a pint if they ask about the tattoos. "Does it hurt?" "What's the meaning of this one?". Then the mirrors!!! and beign able to see how people stare at you. I don't go to the gym, just pilates or dance lessons (jazz, tap and swing) and there girls are even worse: " How are you going to wear costumes for the Annual Show with all those tattoos?. That's why I got one in one place where nobody can see it. BITCHES! Great blog, Cherry !! I'm a big fan!
    kisses from Argentina

  2. I went trhough the same thing. Lifting weight and doing everything by yourself is sooo boring! Then I started Muay Thay (like kickboxing) and I made great new friends, I work outr harder than I used before, everyone supports and yells at each other when you wanna give up or when you are too tired and we need to wear muay thais shorts, which is a plus, because they are huge and hide everything, and everyone is wearing the same thing. ;D

    1. I am scared of Muay Thay! Good for you girl!!

    2. There is also Fitness Muay Thai! You don't need to do the sparring, but you get fit and learn how to knock someone down. SUPER FUN! HAHA ;)

  3. I'm happy my beastly-ness was so inspirational! Grrrrrr! 💪🏽 (ps- have you ever noticed that the little strong arm emoji kind of looks like a shrimp?)

    1. Oh dang, no emoji's in the blog!

    2. Oh weird! In the admin panel, your little flex arm shows up. Just not on the blog. Oh well-- I still know what it is!


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