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About Sponsored Content
I do not make money from this blog. All blogs and products that I mention in this little internet corner have not been paid for the shoutout.

I do not support giveaways on this blog. I reserve the right to decline this offer, since my opinion is that it would make my blog cluttered and I host giveaways on my various other social networks.

Commenting Policy
Comments are welcome, appreciated, and encouraged on "The Real Cherry Dollface"! Anyone is welcome to leave a comment, though I have disabled anonymous comments in an effort to prevent spam. If you would like to comment on a post without letting all readers see what you have to say, I encourage you to email me! My goal for this blog is to create a community where we can all share our thoughts openly and without fear of judgment. Please note, however, that this does not mean that I will allow any blatantly negative or rude comments, and that I reserve the right to delete such comments right away and without warning.

If there is a general question that is asked by a reader, however, I will do my best to answer the question directly in the comments section, should someone else have the same question.

I will also add at this time that I do make an effort to visit the blogs of my readers as often as possible. Note, however, that I cannot visit every single blog that makes an appearance here, though I desperately wish I could! There just isn’t enough time in the day for me.

Copyright notice
All content on this blog, including photos, videos and text files, is property of the blog author, unless otherwise stated. In case any content that does not belong to the author, the person to which it belongs will be properly credited as long as any credits are available. Please be nice and do not steal anything! :)