Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Day 110: Major Apologies (I Swear I Don't Think I am Super Cool)

Hello everyone! Sorry for the extended hiatus! I have been so busy traveling, and I leave for Italy again tomorrow! 
Just wanted to take a minute to write a blog and apologize for something that is very embarrassing and humbling. I have a TERRIBLE memory. Like, the worst ever. Trevor gets so frustrated with me because he will tell me something and an hour later he will have to remind me. I have a B12 deficiency which also does not help my memory at all.
Throughout the year, I travel so much and meet thousands of people and I try my best to remember everyone, but I just can't! At Viva, there were times that I met people, and then saw them a few hours later and already didn't remember meeting.
I promise I don't do this on purpose. I promise I do not think I am super cool or better than anyone.  So please, please do not hate me... I try my best to remember!
Oddly enough, I tend to remember girls not by their names or faces, but by their stories. It is how my brain associates things and keeps details in there. So if I only met you briefly and don't know anything about you, odds are my memory will go "NOPE!!" and erase you quickly. 
But just know... I love you all, and never mean to hurt anyones feelings or make anyone feel less important than they are. You all are absolutely the most important and without you, there would be no Cherry Dollface. Lots of love!!


  1. You don't need to apologise, I bet no one ever will think of you as an arrogant person! I'm looking forward to seeing you one day...enjoy your time in Italy with Trevor!

    Xoxo xoxo from Germany

  2. I asked for a pic and introduced my self on Friday night at Viva. When I saw you at the car show the next day, I said hi again and never expected you to remember me. It's a different day, different outfit, I was with different people and who knows how many people you see and speak with every day. It was nice to meet you. And I hope I get to see you in Colorado Springs in October. --Lisa

  3. The thing is, you are mega cool! Haha.

    I can only imagine, you meet so many ladies all over the place! I have a terrible memory too. And I only have girls from Phoenix for the most part. I feel awful when I see someone and they run up and say "Tara!" and I can't remember their name. It's the worst feeling, but I am the same way, my memory is shit.

    Tara O.

  4. Oh sweetie, I am the same...horrible with names..a few seconds after being told it's gone...nothing has worked to fix it. I love that you remember stories...that's lovely.

  5. I know the feeling! I have the worst memory... I don't know how any of my friends put up with me. You mentioned the B12 deficiency though which makes me wonder about myself. Maybe something I should look into.


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