Sunday, February 21, 2016

Day 52- The Love of a Wife

Today my blog will be short and sweet. I love my husband. I really and truly do. I love the smell of his skin. I love how soft and warm his back feels on my face when I spoon him. I love how his little chest hairs tickle my nose when I lay on him.
Waking up to this beautiful man is pretty much the best ever. The second I open my eyes and come face to face with him, we both smile. And sometimes we giggle because we both know. Most mornings we spend an hour in bed just snuggling and kissing and talking. My mornings are my favorite part of my day. Just wanted to post something positive today and show my badass husband some appreciation.
And also-- he surprised me with tickets to see Wicked tonight.


  1. Enjoy Wicked! It's a brilliant show! Also could you maybe let us know what you thought of it? X

    1. I loved it!!! The costumes were beautiful and it was super funny!

  2. My husband wouldn't see Wicked with me, but he did go with me to see Book of Mormon; So I forgive him. :)

  3. I've seen it once and I loved it. There was a cute kid dressed as a witch to. Amazing. Lol go see rock of ages if you can. It's very different to wicked but amazing! Very funny. I do love a musical lol. The wicked soundtrack is my favourite play list lol x


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