Friday, February 5, 2016

Day 36- I Dream of Real Housewives

You guys. I have an addiction. It is a sickness, really. I have watched every last episode of every season of the Real Housewives franchise in existence. I have even watched Australia. I am just finishing up Atlanta right now... and I feel that once this show is done, my life will be empty. Or maybe I will just have a lot more time to watch more intellectual programming or read books. But I really just put it one while I am working from home! I swear! Don't judge me!
I don't know what it is about trashy reality TV that calls to me. Am I envious of their money and giant houses? Maybe. Do I love when they scream at each other? Actually, no...It's annoying. Does watching them make me feel a little better about what I have going on? Yeah, sometimes. I can't pinpoint what it is that makes me keep watching, but I just can't stop. Maybe it is like a crackhead that knows that crack is whack, but keeps hitting the pipe for one last high.
The good news is that there are always new seasons springing up. So even when I finish Atlanta... I just have to hold out until the next horrible season is unleashed on me.
In other news... Even I won't stoop to Kardashian level. So I guess there is still hope for me.


  1. My guilty pleasure is "Say yes to the dress"(: I don't like weddings, I've never dreamed of one, yet I watch those brides choose their dresses, I don't know why! :D

    1. I tried watching that one when I got married but I couldn't handle it. I did like 4 Weddings though. Is that what it is called? I can't remember!

  2. If you have might enjoy the parody of the Real Housewives Franchise - The Hot Wives of Orlando & The Hot Wives of Las Vegas. If you are a New Kids fan from back in the day, Joey McIntyre makes an appearance. My guilty pleasure is The Only Way Is Essex...also on Hulu :)


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