Thursday, November 10, 2016

United we Stand, Divided we Fall.

November 8, 2016. I cried myself to sleep. November 9, 2016. I woke up crying and walked around in a black fog all day. I was hateful. I was hurt. I was mad as hell and wanted to strike out at anyone that I deemed at fault.

November 10, 2016. I woke up anew. Today I realize that you can't battle hate with hate. It just doesn't work. I stepped back in the middle of a Facebook war last night and thought, what is my hate getting me right now? What is my hate changing? Nothing. It is just making me as bad and as hateful as the person attacking me. I told the guy on the other end that I respected him and chose to remove myself. I realized that after I did that, I had won.

One thing I refuse to do is run. This is MY country. This is OUR country. I am staying and I am fighting just like the generations before me did. The generations that fought for women's rights. The generations that fought for civil rights. The generations that fought to get our society to a place of love and acceptance. It is now our duty to keep that torch burning and keep fighting. Not everyone has the ability or the privilege to run... We must stay for those that have no choice.
Now is the time to support each other. Support your LGBTQ family. Support your family of color. Support your female family. Support your immigrant family. Support all of the family that is scared for what will happen in their lives now. Be the change you want to see.

Now is the time for everyone to get involved. Stop venting on Facebook. Stop twitter feuding. Get out there and figure out what you can do to change the things that need changing and keep the things that are working. MAKE your voice be heard. Get off of your couch and go to (peaceful) protests. Get out of your house and vote on the measures that will save our rights. Write to your congress men and women and TELL them what you need. Be active in your community. In the next primary-- VOTE. Lets get a candidate that speaks for US.

Am I angry? Sure. Am I scared? Absolutely. But today I choose to take all of those feelings and channel them positively. I choose to keep my head up. I choose to believe that love will win.
It's only 4 years.


  1. I'm from another country and even we are afraid of the elected president. But "every cloud has a silver lining"

  2. I'm in Canada and I'm also afraid of the very idea of a president Trump. I don't trust him and I have no respect for him. You are setting a wonderful example for us to follow in trying to come out from the black cloud that seems to have settled. Thanks :)

  3. I relate completely to your emotions and the process you have gone through in the past few days. Today I committed myself to teaching immigrants how to speak/read/write in English. I want to be part of the solution to America's problems. Today I took the first step. I'm encouraging my loved ones to give of themselves in some small way. Thank you for sharing Cherry!

  4. You are an amazing and strong woman and I admire and respect that you could switch to positive thinking so quickly!

  5. I'm scared for my parents who are going to California next week. There's an assumption that everyone from Texas is a Trump supporter and I do not want my parents getting hurt because they come from a republican state :( I hope they stay out of trouble and that others will open their hearts when they tell others that our county voted blue. Thank you for being positive Cherry and for respecting others opinion instead of arguing with them. We need more people like you!

  6. I'm sorry that you're upset by the outcome and I respect your feelings, but as upset as you are there are millions of Americans(gay/straight/women/men/minorities/Caucasians/Christians/Atheists/Muslims/Conservatives/Independents/Democrats and everything else in between)that believe this outcome was wonderful and voted for this change. Their beliefs are just as important and valid. The problem with politics is we become divided and we have never been more divided as we have been in the last 8 yrs and it continues to get worse. As a old broad who was a child of 60's & 70's, I have watched what was once unity for America and all Americans deteriorate before my eyes and it hurts my soul.

    I am such a fan of your videos (I am always excited to see each new video),happy to get your newsletter and I look forward to your posts and wish you much success in all your endeavors....just realize that the best way to anger people is with political posts.

    Do you have the right to write anything on your newsletter?.....well of course you do and I respect your right to do so, just know that you could end up alienating a big group of your fans and I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be your intent. Politics is such a touchy subject and getting more so everyday. Most people want to believe that you think the way they do....and for a lot of people realizing you don't really affects them and not always in a good way. I just want harmony so I hope you take my advice with the positive spirit that it is being given.

  7. Thank you for your thoughts. I feel the same way. Although I disagree on its only 4 years. 4 years is a long time in my child's life. It's more than enough time to drastically change all the good that has been done. It makes me sad.


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