Thursday, February 25, 2016

Day 56- TOP 10: RomCom Movies!

I am going to start another little blog subcategory... My favorite top 10's! I love top 10 lists. So today my top 10 will be romantic comedy movies. I went and saw "How To Be Single" last night with my girlfriends, so it inspired this one. These are in no particular order.

Ok, I know that technically this would just be a plain old comedy. But it is funny, and Paul Rudd is in it. And Paul Rudd is my secret boyfriend. So I consider it a romcom. This came out when I was in Jr. High and I remember thinking how cool everyone was going to be once I got to high school, just like in the movie. This movie stands the test of time too-- The Bosstones and knee socks will never get old. As if.

Sixteen Candles.
My 18th birthday was the day after I graduated high school and pretty much everyone forgot it. So I can totally relate to Molly Ringwald. The only bummer is the rampantly racist portrayal of Long Duck Dong... But you can't go wrong with a movie where the under dog gets the hot popular guy. And the hot popular guy is actually really nice. And the cunty girl gets all of her hair cut off. This was also maybe the first romantic comedy I ever remember watching, so it will always have a place in my heart.

Crazy Stupid Love.
Ryan Gosling. I don't REALLY need to say more but I will. This movie is so good in so many ways. It is a more realistic romcom with really smart and funny dialog. And I absolutely love Steve Carrell. Like, in an unhealthy way. And the fight scene in the end is second only to Mr. Big and Aiden in the mud at the country cabin in Sex and the City. Plus the Dirty Dancing lift. Ummm, duh.

Stranger Than Fiction.
Will Ferrel singing "Whole Wide World." I just can't. This movie is such a good mix of hilarity and touching moments. Maggie Gyllenhal's fake tattoos are laughable, but she is still lovable so I forgive her stylist. I love when he brings her "flowers." So cute. And Emma Roberts + Queen Latifa is pretty much the most random duo ever, but surprisingly hilarious.

P.S. I Love You
I read this book long before the movie and it killed me. Like-- serious ugly sobbing. The movie was a very close second. A few details were changed, but in general they got it right. And Gerard Butler, Harry Conick Jr. and Jeffery Dean Morgan (Denny from Grey's Anatomy.... Ughhhh.... c'mon!!) all in one movie? Yes please!! This movie is borderline straight drama, but there are a lot of funny, touching little moments. Ok, I am thinking about it and starting to tear up, so let's move on...

Love, Actually
This is my favorite Chistmas movie, second only to White Christmas (perhaps I will do a top 10 Christmas movies!). I know it has undergone a lot of criticism, but guess what? I DONT CARE!! I will always love this movie. It will always make me cry. And I will always want to marry Bill Nighy no matter how old he is. And the scene where Walking Dead Rick holds up his cue cards gets me. Oh, and Hugh Grant dancing. Classic. Also, Alan Rickman. RIP Snape.

He's Just Not That Into You
I am a sucker for ensamble casts. And this movie is one of the few that is actually really smart and funny. I love the relationship between Justin Long and Ginnifer Goodwin. Not much more to say about this one. Just a good mindless romcom.

Sex and the City
Oh come on. Did you really think I wasn't going to include SITC in any way I could? I am a die hard fan and when I found out they were making a movie, I peed. Like, seriously. This is another movie that gets me every time. When she jumps out of the limo and hits Big with her flowers and cries and screams. Oh man. All of the feels. I loved the show and this movie did not disappoint. The second one, however, was another story. Perhaps I will do a top 10 WORST movies...

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
This movie really stuck with me. It was such a unique concept-- going to an agency to have memories of heartbreak erased. I LOVE Kate Winslet and I loved even more how weird and quirky she was in this movie when everyone only knew her from Titanic. This is definitely an unconventional love story and not a typical romcom either, but I am all for the weird and wonderful and this movie definitely fits that bill!

Dirty Dancing
First of all, when Patrick Swayze died, a piece of my childhood died with him. On the houseboat I grew up on, we had barstools to sit and eat meals on... So of course I used them as my stand in Swayze to hold me as I did the run-and-jump into his arms scene. Obviously. It wasn't until my early 20s that I actually realized this movie was supposed to take place in the 60s. Good old 80s-does-vintage hair. Maybe one of the best soundtracks to any movie ever made. And an abortion scene! They really covered all of their bases. RIP Swayze.

So that's it! My top 10! I am sure I forgot lots of good ones. And I am sure you guys are going to tell me all of your favorites and I am going to slap my forehead for missing the obvious. But please do share your favorites just in case there are any I haven't seen! The sappier, the better!


  1. I teared up myself thinking of Ps. I Love You!

    I think one of my favourites is The Holiday. Partly because... well Jack Black (who my fiancé resembles strongly at times) and Kate Winslet who I also adore and... I could go on!

    Cheesy but funny and oodles of cute!

  2. I teared up myself thinking of Ps. I Love You!

    I think one of my favourites is The Holiday. Partly because... well Jack Black (who my fiancé resembles strongly at times) and Kate Winslet who I also adore and... I could go on!

    Cheesy but funny and oodles of cute!

    1. Dang it!! Yes!!! That is totally one of my favorites.

  3. Eternal Sunshine gets me every time. My boyfriend and I watched it on our first date. I also ulgy cry every single time I watch P.S. I Love You. And that soundtrack! You have such good movie taste.

  4. The Notebook, c'mon! That and PS. I Love You are my go-to instant feel-inducing movies.

    1. I am not a huge fan of The Notebook. It was sad... but otherwise kind of "meh" for me!

  5. Such a fun list! I agree with half of them only because I haven't seen the other half of the movies! Clueless, Sixteen Candles, and Dirty Dancing have been go to movies for me for years! Crazy Stupid Love has been added recently.

  6. Girl, yes! Excellent list. Here's mine where you'll find several repeats of yours:
    1. Love, Actually (I'll watch that sucker in July)
    2. Clueless (I still regret not getting married in a sailor hat a la Cher)
    3. Bridesmaids (does this count as a rom com?)
    4. 50 First Dates
    5. Never been Kissed (that final scene, I just can't)
    6. Fever Pitch (Fallon, baseball AND Drew Barrymore? Yes, please!)
    7. Dirty Dancing (my go-to when I'm sick)
    8. Roman Holiday
    9. The Wedding Singer (Drew and Adam have such dang good chemistry!)
    10. Can't Hardly Wait (just re-watched and I forgot how much I loved it!)

    1. Ooh Can't Hardly Wait is a good one too!!

  7. Practical Magic where he says 'I wished for you too' makes me ball my eyes out every time 😢 Excellent film choices - agreed with 6/10! I'd have to add Pretty Woman although that's maybe not so much a rom-com as just a rom!

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