Saturday, January 21, 2017

Why We March

So today I attended the Womens March in LA, and as I often do when I post anything on the internet, I got some backlash. "What is the point?" "Oh cute, all of the women went on a walk together today" "What are you actually changing? nothing!"

Here is the thing, marching does change things. Marches and protests aren't new. They have been the forefront of every major social and political change. Religious rights, sovereign freedom, women's rights, civil rights... these marches have been happening for hundreds of years and they have been the catalyst to the real change. A LOT of change.

And why do people riot? Because they are angry and afraid and they feel helpless and don't know how else to express that. And yes, it does tend to be people in more impoverished areas because they feel they have no way out. Is it right? Probably not. But it is reality and the more it happens the more we have to stop questioning the effect and start questioning the cause. (not saying that there were any riots today, it was definitely all love and peace)

Is the march that I took part in today going to change the world tomorrow? No. I don't believe that anyone who was there today actually believes that. But it is a step forward in making people heard and giving them the strength and motivation to actually make the changes we all want to see. I spoke with so many people today about what is next. What do we do? How do we protect our rights and help the rights of other humans? How do we hold onto this anger and despair but turn it into a positive motivator to change the things causing those feelings?

A protest is a great way to get people off of their computers and phones and into the physical world where they are forced to interact with others and be proactive humans. What am I changing by marching? What are YOU changing by sitting behind your keyboard attacking people? I learned things today. What did you learn sitting alone on your butt in your house eating Cheetos in your underwear reposting unsubstantiated memes that support what you believe without questioning anything you have been fed?

It is easy to complain and attack and victimize ourselves. Express yourself however you want, but also know that it is my right to do the same. It is easy to say all of the things that NEED to happen or that SHOULD happen to make this country better. But you know what? I am going to stop saying and start DOING. You can post all of the angry memes you want-- this is my country and I am taking it back.


  1. I have been following you for about 4years now on youtube and facebook.I have to say that I think you are a beautiful and couragous person. It is not easy to put yourself out there to be judged by others, even more so when your standing up for peoples rights. I have seen some of the horrible comments people have left you for standing up for what you belive in and fighting for others.I think the world needs more people like you who who aren't afraid to speak your mind unprotected by a computer screen.I think thats a huge problem with people on the internet their. Hate os often protected by a screen. Please keep doing what your doing.It means so much Your awesome!!!☺❤

  2. Ever time I see you have a new post, you inspire me to continue to fight for what I believe in. I love how you don't let anyone stop you and instead you continue to fight back.

  3. I've never understood internet hate. Has anyone ever changed their mind because some random troll insulted them? I also don't like this whole attitude that seems to have taken the country by storm of "Stop protesting! Just accept it!". When a group demands cohesion, disallows their members to question authority, and seeks harmony at all costs, it's called groupthink, an occurrence usually associated with cults, dictatorships, and probably M. Night Shyamalan movies. Some 2/3rds of voters did not vote for the current administration. There are going to be protests, there are going to be marches, and there is going to be civil unrest. We are the majority, we are pissed, and we're still here. There weren't any marches in my area, but I'm so hella proud of my sisters who got out there and marched! I don't care what people are protesting, we should support their right to protest. You can be out there protesting specifically my right to pet cats, and I'll still support your right to protest. When we lose that ability to be angry and speak our minds in public, we've lost the foundation that this country was founded on. So, get out there, and give them hell. Give them peaceful hell, but hell nonetheless.

  4. Most humans are assholes. Don't give them energy by even posting about them if they anger you. Water off a duck's back. Your enemies aren't even worth mentioning. Focus on the people who love you!


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